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Tin plate packaging

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We have a variety of products that range from: a 0,25L can to a 27L pail. We categorize them in 3 types: CYLINDRICAL, CONICAL, and OPEN TOP. You can download a specific data sheet for each size.

The inside could be lined with internal lacquering.

There are multiple ways to close the containers, allowing us to develop the best way to meet your specific needs through: plastic closures, metal-plastic closures, lever lids, lugged lids, lids with lever-lock rings and open tops (lids will be seamed after the cans are filled).



 We are skilled in complex areas, such as the inside lacquered cans. We check every step of the production process, guaranteeing accuracy.  We desire to create products that close easily, are customized, and reliably packaged for optimal use. Product integrity is our core value.  This led us to develop and patent two products: 


 ●   CC100D is a plastic closure that combines a plastic screw-cap and a press-in neck with an easy-tear tamper that provides a fast press-in installation. Let us know which color you’d want!


 ●   TWISTO achieves the highest possible customization yet. Your logo and graphics can be placed on the metal caps. A plastic neck allows a fast press-in installation. An easy-tear membrane provides a tamper-free solution, yet opens with ease.


 CC100D and TWISTO avoid metal-to-metal scratching through using scratch-free plastic-to-metal rubbing



Details make the difference. A handle is essential for carrying containers, but could present difficulties in the filling, labeling and stacking processes. To combat these issues, we created a patent:


 ●   HANDLETTE™. A plastic handle with breakable segments that remains adhered to the lid, avoiding any hooking during filling, labeling and stacking. Final customer can easily pull off the handle. This is the most manageable and practical solution for transport and use. It’s available in 155mm and 190mm cans.



Containers are your product first impression. We want them to get to your customer dent-free, thus strength and stability are our goal. We developed patented designs for the 240mm and 300mm cylindrical drums.


●   BSQUARED is the rib design that substitutes the precarious point to point contact of the drums with a strong and stable planar contact.



Safety is essential.  We are the first in Italy to establish a certified private laboratory for testing and inspecting the packaging for hazardous goods according the law UN-RID/ADR. Performance should be tested and proved. Always .


We work business to business. We can provide lithographed cans with your artwork or with white lacquering on the outside.




We aim to combine elegance, strength and environmental sustainability.

Metal is the right choice.

Metals are chemical elements that are indestructible. When a metal packaging item reaches the end of its useful life, it becomes a material source through recycling. It’s a circular economy: the waste becomes a resource in creating an infinite ecological loop.

In fact, metal packaging is the most recycled and environmentally friendly type of container compared to all others.